Stage - Workshop de Yoga à Dublin (IRLANDE) du 17 au 19 Mai 2019

The Siddhi: Power(s), Success, Perfection, Performance...

Stage de Yoga à Dublin (IRLANDE) du 17 au 19 mai 2019Stage de Yoga à Dublin (IRLANDE) du 17 au 19 mai 2019
Inspired by the 3rd chapter of the Yoga Sūtra – vibhūti-pāda – the workshop intends to study this particular experience – usually translated with the word 'expansion' – that allows the yogin to deal with a certain 'growth and consciousness' of power in life. 

Chapter 3 is undeniably an invitation to develop our personality: the way in which power is understood always also depends on the way in which people understand themselves.

The path that leads to siddhi is clearly stated in the first 2 chapters: (i) perceptions and actions are profoundly connected, (ii) together, they install the yogin in a state of availability that (iii) preparesthe person topractisethe power of elimination (tapasssiddhi) and action (kriya’ssiddhi) leading to a blooming of the body.
Yama and niyama contribute towards different kinds of self-fulfillment, some of them positive, others negative, unhealthy. The power tosubdueone’s passions, to protect the body, to restore health certainly help the yogin to step into kaivalya.

The wielding of authority, of superiority, the power to became heavy in order to gain respectability, are instead an obstacle, a danger, a risk...

Are we ready to give away our 'personal power'?To question power means also to askourselveswhat makes us 'governable'as a discipleand enables us
'to govern'in the sense of 'to guide'.

The workshop addresses this issue by rephrasing the question 'what is power/buddhi?'as'to what question cansiddhibe seen asa response?
'This transformation allows us to keep the 'power of siddhi'in perspective

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Eleanor Dawson
Lina Franco
Vendredi, 17 Mai, 2019 (Toute la journée) - Dimanche, 19 Mai, 2019 (Toute la journée)
One-to-one classeswith Lina available Thu 16 and morning, Fri 17, €70
Clonlea Yoga Studio

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